My Personal Challenge to You…



As we end 2015 and prepare for 2016, it is critical to set goals for the year to come. And yet, many people fail to recognize the importance of this step in preparing them for success in the New Year. Why is goal setting so important? The answer is simple. If you don’t know where you are going, then how can you possibly expect to reach your destination? 

If you are unemployed, if you are currently questioning your current position and company you work for, if your contract is coming to an end, or if you just want to see what opportunities are available for a person with your qualifications, then take a very brief moment to answer these questions honestly: 

• What were the greatest lessons I learned in 2015?
• What were the biggest challenges I faced at work in 2015?
• What knowledge or expertise I have gained or developed this year?
• What would I change about my job or career?

Now that you have your answers, your career plan will become more evident.  At the hiring events I produce, I often speak with professionals and ask them, “What type of work do you do?” and get very mixed or long winded responses.  When I ask someone for a job title to write on their name badge, they can’t give me just one answer. It’s time to evaluate what you are doing, pick a career path and run with it! Now!

With that said, reStart would like to share TWO very important Interview Event dates with you. This is the perfect time to put into effect your newly found career insight, and take a pro-active approach to your career in 2016:

• Monday, January 25th
BWI Sheraton

• Monday, February 29th
Sheraton Tyson
s Corner

NOTE: Security Clearance Required
11am - 4pm- Open Hiring Event
Interviews will be held throughout the entire day

4pm - 5pm- Networking Reception


You have the chance to Interview on-the-spot with 25 different companies in what would normally take a few weeks to accomplish, you can now do it ALL in one day! By submitting your resume before our deadlines, you are giving yourself the chance of being selected by our exhibitors for private one-on-one interviews during the event. Here is what your fellow professionals had to say about their experience at our last event:

”This was successful. I was able to talk enough to answer screening questions. Most job fairs are 60 second stand up things with handing a resume, saying what kind of position by title and leaving it at that (along with a line 10 deep behind me). Your event allowed several minutes, and I think that is much better to explain why (the effort is being shut down by the government) and brief expectations on both sides. Many booths seemed to have a technical person and not just HR, which is excellent to eliminate disconnects regarding skills / buzzwords.”

”My first time attending a reStart event. I thought the most impactful feature was allowing companies to review resumes ahead of time and schedule morning interviews. I received two interviews, and was able to discuss how my skills will benefit those companies in a 1-on-1 environment. It shortens the overall timeline for both recruiter and job seeker.”

”This was the best part of the event! Thank you for establishing this type of format...sustain! One of my two interviews have led to additional conversation between the company & I based on mutual interest.”

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Ken Fuller