reStart has the best targeted marketing for an job fair I’ve attended. We get candidates who were looking for us based upon the marketing efforts that Ken puts out. We have never walked away from a reStart hiring event without at least one hire, often times 2-3 hires. Always worth the time and cost.
— S4, Inc.
The private interviews were the best feature. I met a lot of great candidates , but I loved that I had time to speak to people I was able to preview
— Sealing Tech
Best money you will spend on a recruiting event, hands down! The reStart Event is the best hiring fair we have attended. From the set up to break down, it was clear there was so much time and attention put into every detail. Ken did a great job making sure all of the candidates, and companies, in attendance had what they needed to be successful. As a recruiter, I try to find the best people to join the company in support of our mission but I also want to make sure the candidates I meet find the right fit for them and their families. This event allowed me to meet both of those goals. We will most certainly be attending more reStart Events in the future. Thank you, Ken!
I have participated in two Restart events, at both events I was able to find candidates that were interviewed and are currently in our hiring process. Ken ALWAYS has good candidates at his events. Also, having the ability to schedule interviews with candidates for the event is always a positive.
— Cyberspace Solutions
The best hiring event I have ever attended, period! At least 4 people will get a job with us. Ken was absolutely great! He was attentive to both the participants and hiring teams. Exceptional event!
— DeNOVO Solutions
I’ve attended two reStart events this year in Tyson’s Corner and they just seem to get better and better! You get SO many cleared and highly talented candidates wanting to speak with you that you need a TEAM to attend and make sure there’s opportunity to provide ample attention to those job seeking. My teammate referred to the service and quality of the event for the vendors as being on a cruise ship! Exceptional organizational quality and highly recommended to any one looking to feel a return on your investment. Not “just another” job fair!
— Information Technology Engineering Corporation (ITEC)
reStart is the best of the 5 recruiting events we attend as a hiring entity. The advanced candidate spreadsheet for Attending and Not Attending is a very helpful approach to me to sort and assess candidates before I get to the event. No one else does this in such a convenient and easy to use manner. For this most recent event, I was able to target and shape expectations for 4 hires before the event and was able to meet the candidates during the event. The candidates came to the scheduled meeting with significantly better attitudes than the other candidates.We are able to talk personally 1-on-1 with the candidates and share enough detail with them that we can make a solid hiring assessment and they can make a reasonable determination if they would like to work for us. Love the events. We are planning for another full year of attending.
— PE Systems
This event was awesome. Over 100 qualified candidates came to our booth to meet with our Recruiters. We will be following up very soon with these candidates for interviews!
I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. From start to finish it was perfectly done. The location, setup, food, people, schedule....everything! Perfection! It is obvious from your first e-mail with Ken that he loves what he does and that he is damn good at it. While at this event, it didn’t feel like work.... you weren’t rushed, the food and atmosphere was amazing.... and everyone was so helpful and kind. I honestly can not wait until we get our next batch of contracts so I can do this all again. Thank you so much Ken!!!
— SixGen
We have attended two reStart events this year. As an organization, we were skeptical about investing in job fairs since past events typically did not result in new employees.

Ken was very engaged with us every step of the way and convinced us to give reStart a try. Well, let me share we could not be happier. In addition to meeting with amazing and talented candidates for future needs, we have made two hires as a result of our attendance at reStart.

We are looking forward to our continued relationship with reStart and love working with Ken and his team.
— Anavation
It was a fantastic event! The interview set ups were perfect and this is the first time I might walk away with a handful of hires from a job fair event! Definitely worth the cost and time!
— System High
I wanted to take a moment to share my experience at the recent reStart Career Event in Tysons Corner. I was very impressed by the overall organization and flow of the event. We were greeted by Kenneth upon arrival where he explained exactly how the event would work. Each candidate that walked through the doors would be wearing a color coded badge based off clearance level. This helped tremendously as my positions specifically require a CI or Full Scope Poly. It helped to ensure we were able to meet all of those particular candidates as I could spot them in the crowd of 150+ job seekers.

Prior to the event, Kenneth worked hard to schedule pre-registered candidates of our choice for interviews. This is the first event I attended where a private space was offered to conduct thorough interviews vs. on the spot pre-screens. This allowed us to work in real time, submitting candidates to the hiring managers or customers within a day.

Not only do reStart Events take care of the employers attending, they cater to the job seekers as well. Kenneth would take the time to introduce those who walked in and/or registered late, or if he thought their background might fit one of the positions we listed. Breakfast and Lunch was not only provided for the employers but also the job seekers which is not common amongst most career events.
— - Samantha G., Hewlett Packard Enterprise Talent Acquisition Consultant
The ReStart event was great! It was well planned and executed. I was Impressed by Ken Fuller’s attentiveness to each of the vendor’s at the fair as well as the rapport it seemed he had with many of the candidates. I would definitely attend one of the ReStart events again.
Working with reStart has been a fantastic experience. Ken walked me through the entire process and was very communcative, which allowed for me to be much better prepared day of. The format of the event is new and exciting. Being able to scheudle specific time to interview candidates is a fantstic idea and can streamline the process significantly. I believe the option to interview on spot is a HUGE plus! Again, while we were unable to utilize it to the fullest extent I am very excited about potential opportunities for us to attend and bring our hiring/program managers. The candidates were very knowledgable in thier areas and have great potential. I look forwad to working with Ken and reStart again in the future.
— Eagle Ray
Restart events are much better than the other hiring events I have attended. They are far more organized and all of the pre-event work (resumes, scheduled interviews) make them far better than any of the other events I have attended.
— LG-Tek
Restart events are a far better return on investment then any of the other cleared events I have attended. Restart targets the candidates we are looking for down to the actual certifications that are needed. They do this for every company that signs up and somehow I feel like I am their only client! By far a better value, plus no other job fair has ever offered to pre-schedule interviews for me. A huge time-saver on my end.
The reStart was one of the best fairs I’ve been too!
— Azimuth
One the most productive uses of my time as a Program Manager for a 140 FTE contract.
— _OBXtek
ReStart Events are one of the best experiences i have ever had as a Technical Recruiter. Candidates are solid. ReStart Staff are awesome to work with and always make you feel like a VIP.
— IntelligentWaves
Participated in the January event at Tyson’s Corner and it proved to be very well worth it. Ken brought a lot of qualified and clear candidates to the table and we were able to hire three people from the event. Definitely will be attending more reStart events and I encourage other companies to do the same.
— IntelliWare Systems
The most organized, prepared and well managed recruitment event I have ever experienced in my over 25 years of recruiting. To have interviews scheduled allowed for us to make offers within a day and saved us the time of scheduling and managing the interviews ourselves. It also encouraged my managers to come to the event. All of this was a huge benefit and time saver for us.
— S4 Inc.
The reStart hiring event was the best one I have ever attended. The booths were spacious and well set up, the breakfast and lunch was phenomenal, and Ken was very helpful in communicating in every step of the process. We were able to meet with dozens of well-qualified and talented candidates. Overall, this was avery successful experience and we hope to participate in future reStart events!
— KBRwyle
The job fair was flawlessly executed from beginning to end. Every detail was though of for both employers, and job seekers. It was by far the best job fair we have experienced! Everything was great! There was definitely a personal touch that our team recognized and appreciated. We will be exhibiting again for sure!
— Mythics
Great experience. As a recruiter, time can get away from you when you have a high number of calls to make. ReStart’s process of providing candidates with the front end pre-screening helped in making timely decisions on which candidates to schedule to meet with and helped our management team move forward quickly on candidate selection.
— St. Michaels
I attended the event yesterday in Columbia ,MD for my company and was very impressed at the candidate quality and outstanding organization of the entire event. The food was amazing, and everything flowed smoothly ! Definitely worth attending.
— PGS WorldWide
Best hiring event I’ve attended in my 12 years of recruiting. LOVE the database and all of the details provided on the spreadsheet that prevent having to go through each resume to zero in on what you’re looking for. Venue perfect, lay-out perfect, information provided to attending candidates about vendors and their locations helped prevent anyone wasting their time with a vendor that didn’t offer services that matched their skill sets. Which has always been a #1 huge peeve of such events.
— ISYS Technologies
We have been to several other career fairs (Dice, veterans fairs) and reStart far exceeded these fairs. Most of our work is at the TS level and we’ve never been to a fair with this many TS cleared candidates. Almost everyone was sharp, engaging, and overall, a fantastic candidate.
— IntelliWare Systems
A well organized and structured event. Solid candidate pool and terrific use of the venue. It allowed some great candid conversations and we identified a few strong candidates that we may be able to hire. The knowledge that Ken has of this market allows him to properly and expertly match strong employers with candidates that typically fit their hiring profiles. The targeted approach is excellent
I just attended the Restart Job Fair in Baltimore. You and Ken “hit it out the park”!!!!! Everything was well organized and you and Ken made sure everyone was satisfied and had everything they needed to get the most out of the event. I left this event with a number of potential hires. I observed other employers making offers to candidates.

Congrats on the great start and I look forward in supporting Restart in future events.
— Convergence Technology Consulting
I recently received a call from Ken who convinced me to take a chance and attend a ReStart show - their first show turned out to be a solid event. This is a very competitive market specifically for the Intelligence Community. It was good to see a “polygraph only” room. The fact that we saw a batch of new Candidate faces was very refreshing. The size of the ballroom-to-exhibitors was comfortably open. I was very impressed with the fact that within 24 hours I had the resumes sent to me in an excellent easy to follow format which included direct connection to the candidates.

As a result I have three people of interest that I am pursing of which two are already booked to interview. Credit where it is due – I am sure that all who attended will agree it was a successful event. Well done!
— Freedom Consulting Group
Thank you for hosting such a fabulous event yesterday, we came away with a solid number of NEW and qualified candidates. The team is happy to be working with you again.

We wish you great success and look forward to your next event.
— L-3 National Security Solutions
reStart is a refreshing new concept of engaging candidates on a more personal level. We now have ELEVEN qualified candidates to follow up with!

Ken Fuller and staff went above and beyond to assist Red Alpha pre-event, in order to equip us to have the best engagement possible. During the event, Ken and staff came by regularly to ensure that our experience was excellent. The personal interest in our company and hiring needs is unsurpassed.

There was a great variety of companies represented, and the giants in the industry were interspersed with those of us growing companies. I have had several attendees follow up to express their thanks for sharing our job search tips. They were also impressed with the tasteful and elegantly displayed refreshments. All in all, we could not have asked for a more comprehensively professional, caring and productive event. Thank you, Ken Fuller for your vision for this new vehicle. We look forward to many more successful events!
— Red Alpha
I just wanted to reach and say, Thank You. If yesterday was a glimpse of things to come then Exceptional is on board! Way to come out swinging.

We had a fantastic day yesterday at the Sheraton in Linthicum - 3 signed offers. Only top talent candidates are given offer letters on the spot. We had our Program Managers (hiring authority) on the ground with us because I presented the event as money maker for us. You did not disappoint. New faces, new format and a different kind of involvement by Recruiters.

The key note speaker from the NSA was a nice touch and a refreshing change of pace. The traffic was terrific-we were constantly engaging candidates. Candidates clearance levels were easy to recognize with the name tags and color coding system.

Looks like ReStart is on the map, thanks again.
— Exceptional Software Strategies