With an extensive network of employers and workforce development services, reStart delivers access to a wide range of employment opportunities tailored to your skills and experience. reStart offers a convenient and efficient way to connect with employers seeking qualified, skilled candidates. Join the reStart candidate network to access valuable resources and services necessary to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

There is something for everyone to take away from a reStart Interview Event:
• career panel discussions and workshops hosted by industry experts
• access to dozens of companies and hundreds of career opportunities
• pre-scheduled private one-on-one interviews
• guaranteed face time with recruiters who have immediate needs
• networking cocktail reception to close each event

See What Job Seeking Professionals Have To Say About Their reStart Experience.......

BY FAR THE Best Beltway Job Fair I have attended! All the company representative were fully engaged, thoughtful, happy and excited to be there. The networking and potential opportunities explored were of significant high value! Thank you very much.
Not your average job fair. Totally worth it!
This is a must to attend for those seeking to better their careers.
This was the first and last job fair I ever needed coming straight out of the Military, was offered 3 offer letters within 36 hours of leaving the event!!!
One of the best, if not the best, job fair I have ever attended. Having limited companies and invitees allowed for us to be able to get real time with each company that was interested in speaking with us.
The ReStart events are personal. It isn’t over crowded, where you feel like a number. You get the opportunity to speak to the recruiters, and network with others.
The whole process was a win and I want to again thank reStart for taking the time to contact me and following up with updates about the event!
I felt it catered to me as a job seeker/networker, which has not been my experience at other non-restart cleared career fairs in the area. For me as a job seeker/networker, that was by far the most productive career fair (cleared or uncleared) I have been to.
This was the best event of this kind that I have attended in my 30 year working life. I had real interactions with decision makers influencing hiring. I have had half a dozen call backs about specific jobs already one day later. This was a serious event for serious people. I never had the sense that the company representatives were just passing the time. The attendees were for the most part serious people as well. The event itself was flawless. The timing of everything was perfect. The food was good. It wasnt too crowded and not too empty either. The facility was first rate as was every aspect of this event. Thanks Ken!
The October 2016 reStart event was phenomenal. All companies represented were obviously seeking to fill positions and their representatives were very helpful in providing information about the company and the next step in the process. Great job!
Its such a great opportunity to start your networking. My phone/email is buzzing with opportunities, it seems one opportunity is leading to another. THANK YOU!
It was nice to be at a job fair where it didn’t feel like a “cattle call” I was at one where you stood in line over an hour, and that didn’t mean you got in to see any of the recuiters
I appreciated the inclusiveness and attentiveness shown by Mr. Fuller, who gave me the impression that he really cares about my getting a job/contract and having a good career. You repeatedly sent out emails filled with useful information on hotel address, directions, scheduled interviews and tips on having a good experience. The selection of companies present offered a wonderful cross-section of companies, large and small, prime and sub. The panel discussion on tailoring resumes, employee referrals, contingent offers and keyword/buzzword search engines was valuable. If you could send out a recap/synopsis of the panel discussion, including the names of the keyword search engine websites, that would be great. Thank you again to everyone who helped set up this interview event. I have been to a lot of “hand-shake, resume hand-off” job “fairs”, places to meet people and obtain pens, magnets, stress balls, and daily planners. This felt more like a place where I was actually interviewing for positions with these very relevant and well-known companies. Thank you for investing in our and our country’s future by bringing difference-makers and potential employees into one convenient place. Cheers!
For the jobseeker... If you are even remotely interested in the new career, become part of these events. Your resume is put in front of the companies that are looking for people like you. It will be worth your time.
This reStart event afforded attendees benefits that are not found at other job fairs. The panel discussion, preset interviews and limited number of companies made this one of the best I have ever attended. Thank you Mr. Ken Fuller!
Kenneth, I really appreciate the invite to your reStart Hiring & Networking Event on 24 May. Before the event even started you invited a panel of four recruiters to give expert advice on how to be successful at a job fair. I spoke with two of those recruiters individually and one was able to land me a position with Booz Allen Hamilton. Again, thank you for the opportunity! Jason Chambers, CPO, USN Ret. BAH, IT Infrastructure Design Engineer
I have been to many hiring events including many designed specifically for veterans or transitioning junior officers. This is the best hiring event I have ever attended. Most of the recruiters would review your resume and give you honest feedback as to whether or not you were a fit for them. They were very fair about it.
A wonderful experience, not only was I able to meet like minded individuals and increase my networking contacts but I was also able to get great recommended changes on resume and re-print them out on the spot, I was also able to hand give my resumes and improve my interview skills to recruiters and hiring managers from top-notch companies.
I found this specific event (including the panel) to have been one of the most professional events I have ever attended.
This was a great experience, I would recommend anybody to attend a restart event.
I would say anybody that has a chance to attend. Please do it is a good experience and you meet the hiring managers. I would say it is better than the traditional job fairs.”

”An excellent opportunity to connect potential employees to talented applicants. The panel discussion was very informative and designed to set the candidates up for success.”

”I was hesitent to attend because I did not know if/how I could benefit from attending, but, in fact my attendance was greatly beneficial. THANK YOU”

”Wonderful experience overall. Great work Ken, you all made the my first job fair a productive and pleasant one.”

”Companies at the ReStart hiring event event had more representatives (recruiters and hiring managers) present and spent more time - quality time with the job candidates than experienced at other job fairs.”

The event framework was one of the best for events of the type that I have attended.”

”best job fair I’ve attended in recent years - 1. had an excellent selection of companies with positions similar to what I’m looking for 2. the companies came ready to discuss job opportunities, not just take your resume and direct you to their web site”

”This was successful. I was able to talk enough to answer screening questions. Most job fairs are 60 second stand up things with handing a resume, saying what kind of position by title and leaving it at that (along with a line 10 deep behind me). Your event allowed several minutes, and I think that is much better to explain why (the effort is being shut down by the government) and brief expectations on both sides. Many booths seemed to have a technical person and not just HR, which is excellent to eliminate disconnects regarding skills / buzzwords.”

”It was a great experience I had a chance to speak with hiring managers and recruiters. I will definitely be coming to the next event. I would say to anyone that would like to attend should, it is something that is worth while it is something new, much better than the traditional job fair.”

”reStart does a great job - best I have attended”

”My first time attending a reStart event. I thought the most impactful feature was allowing companies to review resumes ahead of time and schedule morning interviews. I received two interviews, and was able to discuss how my skills will benefit those companies in a 1-on-1 environment. It shortens the overall timeline for both recruiter and job seeker.”

”it was one of the best setup job fairs i have ever attended”

”This was the best part of the event! Thank you for establishing this type of format...sustain! One of my two interviews have led to additional conversation between the company & I based on mutual interest.

Candidate Benefits: 

•    Interview on the spot with participating employers.  
•    Stand Out as a prospective hire by directly engaging with professional recruiters.
•    Meet new companies and employers with career opportunities you may not have known of.
•    Network with hiring managers, exhibitors and attendees to expand your professional network.  
•    Discover valuable career transition tools & services offered by reStart's industry partners. 
•    Learn about the market outlook, industry trends & more through our morning sessions & workshops. 
•    Excel and gain a competitive advantage with complimentary resume critiques & workforce development services.